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10 Tips for the Modern Digital Marketer

1. Don’t use too many calls-to-action in your landing pages or emails.

2. Give yourself credibility by using third parties.

3. Give congruency between steps in your flow: from ads, emails or SERPs, to the headlines, and then to the landing pages.

4. Think like the prospect: Make sure that what you are offering them outweighs the intrinsic cost to them (i.e., “Free Download” vs. more than 10 form fields).

5. The more complex the sale, the more information the prospect needs.

6. As a part of the optimization process, email testing is the quickest, most effective way to discover your value proposition.

7. Color is the most overlooked and misused element of landing page design.

8. Use continuity and congruency. Every element of your page and every step in your funnel should state or support your value proposition.

9. A/B split test different elements to achieve the most optimized version of your landing page.

10. The ideal approach to testing your marketing is to start with broad radical redesigns, move toward variable clusters, and then focus on key variables.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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Tour guide at Palawan’s Crocodile Farm:  60yo crocodile Lolong in Agusan is 23ft. Died due to sress.

This photo of a crocodile’s skeleton was 17ft long and may be found at the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Photo by @lerievann

From Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian illustrator, a collection of women and how they are battling the world’s typical view about identity.


5-year old to his dad: Why did you install screen on the fire exit? I thought you said always keep it close?

After attending Sunday school, 7-year old girl proudly told me she prayed to wake up early at 5am so she may have more time to watch her favorite show. Then the following morning, she woke up early. Answered prayer.

Meanwhile, 5-year old boy said his prayer’s unanswered. He prayed to become a dog.

Original lyrics:
Peaceful minds
Peace on earth
Sweet peace on earth

5-year old boy version:
Bees on mars
Bees on earth
Sweet bees on earth

Song: May all children by Kenneth guilmartin